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Arielah King

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Arielah King

Arielah King, MSW, LICSW


Welcome!  My name is Arielah King and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 12+ years’ experience.  If you are looking to build a better relationship with yourself and with others, I am here to support your journey.  I work with individuals age 16+ and I am experienced in working with older adults.  I also provide relationship therapy and support all consensual relationship types and orientations.  I am approved for clinical supervision with the Boards of Social Work and Behavioral Health.

I have experience working with issues including anxiety, depression, serious and persistent mental illness, trauma, self-esteem, food and body image, chronic health issues, and relationship struggles.  Whether you are seeking to make change in your life, adjust to a change that life has handed you, or heal old wounds, it would be my privilege to help you.  Coming to therapy takes courage, and you will always be in the driver’s seat when it comes to what, how, and how quickly to create change.  I think most people arrive at therapy because they feel stuck and aren’t sure how to create the change they want, so I ask lots of questions and provide lots of ideas, and together we will sort through what works for you.  I will help you explore your thoughts, listen and learn from your emotions, and create manageable action steps. 

I use a variety of approaches, including Internal Family Systems.  Internal Family Systems teaches us to listen compassionately and whole-heartedly to all parts of ourselves, in the service of our growth and healing.


In my free time I love reading mysteries, running, doing crosswords, baking with my kids, and of course, learning about the vast world of mental health therapy. 

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"I understand that life is filled with 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows and my goal is to help you have the skills to be present for both."



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