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Brooklyn Crawford

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Brooklyn Crawford, MA, LMFT


Brooklyn Crawford

Hello! My name is Brooklyn and I have 8 years of experience providing therapy to individuals and families.

I specialize in a trauma-informed approach for individuals and family systems. I have significant experience providing therapy for small children and for parents who are trying to navigate how parenting unsettles pieces of their past. I love working with teens, young adults and new professionals as they explore how their new phase of life interacts with their mental health. I believe depression, anxiety and relational stress are the byproducts of being unable to harness and share your emotional experience in an authentic way. Striving to understand your patterns will aid you in establishing the change that you crave and decrease the stress you carry every day. Together we will explore how your past is impacting your present, what meaning you make of your life experiences, and how those are positively or negatively impacting your current relationships and well-being.

Committing to therapy can be challenging. It can take weeks, months or years to decide to invest in your health in this way. Therapy should be a place of self-exploration, authenticity, experimentation and healing. It is my goal for you to feel more connected with yourself, less stressed about “keeping it together” and excited about the future.


In my free time, I'm an avid football fan, I love making handmade cards and sending them to friends and family, I enjoy long walks through my neighborhood and cooking new recipes with my family.

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