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Flo Blessing

Flo Blessing, MA

(He / They)

Pre-licensed Therapist

Hi and welcome! I’m a pre-licensed clinical counselor. For me, this means I have an abundance of care and curiosity, a few diplomas, and a continuously expanding kit of resources, skills, and knowledge that, together, allow me the great privilege of supporting folks like yourself through life. I see therapy as an ever-evolving, co-created, and uniquely you-shaped container. A container in which your whole self can show up in any configuration of parts and be witnessed, held, expressed, and honored.

Therapy can be an exploration, offering new insights to understand yourself and your relations. It can be a ground to cultivate tools and deepen capacity to live in alignment with your values. It can be a practice of building an internal network of trust and support that extends to sustain mutually nourishing relationships... Therapy can take as many shapes as there are relationships in the world.

My approach is rooted in decolonial, liberation frameworks, collaborative in nature, and guided by modalities that build on existing strengths to soothe areas of distress. I work with a range of folks under the queer, trans, neurodivergent, and/or disabled umbrellas. I welcome space for your spiritual and/or cultural beliefs and practices in therapy. I invite you to voice anything that you’d like me to learn about more so I may better understand and support you, be it parts of your identity, history, cultural contexts, etc.

I hope to support you in nurturing your most authentic and empowered self forward, and I hope to inspire vibrancy, hope, and compassion along the way.

Aside from my role as a therapist, I’m an activist, artist, life-long learner, nature enthusiast, yogi, and fellow human experiencing life.


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“Please come home. Please come home into your own body, to trusting yourself, and your instincts and your knowings. Please come home. And when you’re really, really ready,please welcome us too.”


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