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Are You Struggling With A Period Of Change And Transformation? 

Is a period of drastic change or tumultuousness turning your life upside down? Are you feeling stressed, worried, or unsure about the future? Do you find yourself wishing that things could just go back to the way they once were?

It could be that a change in your job has upended your sense of stability. Perhaps you have left your job unexpectedly or been forced to relocate. Or you may be unsure of whether you’re on the right path professionally and curious about a career change.

Maybe you’ve experienced a profound shift in your relationships or family structure. Your romantic relationship may be approaching a crossroads, whether you’re considering moving in together, getting married, or starting a family. Or perhaps you’re a new parent in need of guidance. On the other hand, it could be that you’ve recently endured a breakup, separation, or divorce, and are looking for counseling about how to move forward.

Perhaps your life’s change has little to do with others and mostly to do with yourself and aspects of your identity. Maybe you have questions about your sexuality or gender identity, and you’re looking for an affirming place to explore such ideas. Or it could be that you’re struggling to reconcile aspects of your racial or cultural identity during a politically charged moment. Changes in your day-to-day lifestyle or perspective can often be accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm as you adjust to new circumstances and new information. You may find yourself unable to cope or feeling anxious, irritable, and withdrawn. Perhaps you’re so hyper-focused on your life transition that you haven’t been able to pay much attention to anyone or anything else.

Though you may be longing for a sense of normalcy or a return to the way things used to be, it’s likely that whatever change you’re going through has set you on a path into uncharted territory. And that’s precisely why we offer life transitions counseling at Through Therapy Collective—to help you navigate big upheavals and reimagine life anew. 

While Change May Be The Only Constant, Stress Is Often Inevitable Too

There is something deeply human about life changes—they’re an inevitable aspect of growing and constantly in motion all around us. Sometimes such changes are within our control and sometimes they’re not. But regardless of the circumstances, life transitions are often stressful. After all, we are creatures of habit who naturally seek out the comfort of what is known and certain.

Because change is a normal facet of life, we can easily pressure ourselves in believing that we should know how to cope with and face the unknown. In the “bootstrap” culture we live in that prides itself on individualism and resourcefulness, we expect that we’ll instinctively know how to adjust when circumstances shift. However, when faced with something life-altering or disappointment after an exciting change has taken place, we can often feel as though we’ve done something wrong.

However, instead of seeking help for life transitions, we’re likely to invalidate our own emotional experience and pepper our thoughts with shoulds—we should be able to adjust on our own, we should be happy about what new change has taken place, we shouldn’t need the help of a counselor.

Though, the truth is that therapy can help you process your life transition while validating your experience and instilling you with hope for the future. 

Life Transitions Counseling Offers You Insight And A Plan For The Future 

When approaching a crossroads in life, it’s helpful to have a plan. Not only will your clinician at Through Therapy Collective collaborate with you in understanding how best to approach your life transition, but they’ll also provide you with tangible tools and resources that can strengthen your coping mechanisms and ability to adjust.

After being placed with one of our expertly trained and culturally competent clinicians, your therapist will work to understand your core belief system and the environment from which you came. In counseling, we will work to step outside of a singular life transition to see the larger systems at play in your thinking. And once we have a solid grasp of where you come from and how you think, we will be able to challenge and change your beliefs or resources in a way that is more adaptive to the obstacles you encounter.

Much of this work draws from aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which will help you to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that you can engage a more positive outlook on your life’s change. We will also promote mindfulness techniques and use supportive talk to help you process the feelings you’re experiencing as you embark upon the unknown.

Life transitions counseling at Through Therapy Collective can help you to understand your feelings as you get in touch with your needs and wants. Increasing your mindfulness and emotional awareness will allow you to develop a plan with which you can approach life’s changes. And by doing this, you’ll likely feel a newfound sense of agency and control over desired outcomes.

You maintain the strength and knowledge to navigate your way toward clarity about your life’s transitions—counseling simply expedites the process of gaining insight. And though we know that change can be overwhelming, we also know that the only way out of life’s struggles is to find your way through them. 

Maybe You’re Considering Counseling For Life Transitions, But You Still Have Questions

How is talking about this life transition in counseling going to help me?

If you’re unable to effectively confront what’s bothering you, then you’re unlikely to regain control over the situation. By working with a therapist, however, you can figure out a plan and develop the necessary skills for coping with life transitions. Because such plans are often complex, talking through the layers of your approach with a mental health professional can help you gain clarity and insight. And therapy provides you with an entire support system to fall back on as you create your new normal. 

I’m afraid to admit I am not feeling happy about a change I eagerly anticipated. 

Our feelings contain valuable information about what we want and how to move forward. It’s important to acknowledge and listen to the parts of ourselves that are trying to convey dissatisfaction or disappointment, as those feelings are usually telling us something very useful.


A therapist can help you to slow down your thought process and get in touch with what you’re learning about yourself during your life transition. And by pointing to feelings that inform your understanding of your situation, you’ll be better prepared to create an effective plan for moving forward. 

Life transitions are a normal part of life, and other people seemed to have figured out this kind of change without counseling. 

Though many life changes—including career changes, relationship changes, grief and loss, and questions of identity—are incredibly common, people nevertheless struggle when it comes to navigating the unknown. In light of that, it makes sense that you’d seek out help during an emotionally difficult time. We encourage you to not approach life transitions counseling with a sense of self-criticism that you should be able to get through this on your own, but instead with a sense of hope that working with a therapist can help you to expedite the process of healing and adjusting.

Life Transitions Therapy and Counseling in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities.
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Let Us Help You Look Ahead To Your Future With Confidence

If you’re struggling to adjust to a big change or navigate the unknown, life transitions counseling at Through Therapy Collective can help you confront and navigate new circumstances.


To learn more about how we can help or to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation, please email us. We’ll be in touch!  

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