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4 Signs That A Man Has Anger Issues

4 Signs That A Man Has Anger Issues
4 Signs That A Man Has Anger Issues

4 Signs That A Man Has Anger Issues

Anger is a common emotion. It’s not as common as some of the other emotions, but anger happens from time to time. But what are you supposed to do if anger is starting to become more prominent in your life? It’s not an emotion you enjoy having or being on the receiving end of.

Your partner has been very angry lately, and you can’t really pinpoint why or what is causing it. You’re starting to notice that this emotion has become a daily occurrence for them. Something doesn’t go their way, or they have a bad day. They get mad. They scream and yell. You can even see them clench their fists into balls. Their jaw tightens. It’s as if their entire body has become stiff and cold within a matter of seconds.

This isn’t your partner. You’re unsure of what happened. What changed exactly? Was it something you did? Did you say the wrong thing? You’re starting to not even recognize the person standing in front of you. These are some of the signs that a man has anger issues.

Communication Has Become More Difficult

Communication is key in any type of relationship. If you’re starting to notice that your communication has become increasingly difficult, it could be a sign of anger issues. Look out for signs of anger, yelling, screaming, or not wanting to talk at all. This happens because their emotions are getting in the way of their thoughts, and they’re unable to control them.

He Says Sorry But Doesn’t Change

If your partner continues to get angry again and again but doesn’t actually change, he’s either lying to you, he can’t control his emotions, or it’s a combination of the two. Everyone gets angry from time to time, but if it continues to happen over and over again, know that you deserve better than that.

He Starts to Play The Blame You

If you start to feel like your partner is blaming you for how they’re acting or behaving, it’s usually a sign of denial. When it comes to anger issues, men have a hard time letting their ego admit that they have a problem. In turn, they will ignore their issues and actually start to blame their anger or reaction on you or others.

You’re Starting to Question Your Relationship

The fact that you’re trying to determine if a man in your life has anger issues is probably a good sign that anger issues have and are present. The fact that you’re questioning your relationship doesn’t mean that your relationship is over unless you decide that’s what’s best for you. If your relationship has gotten to the point where it’s no longer safe for you, you should end it and move forward in your life. If you’re still feeling safe, you should encourage your partner to seek additional support.

Next Steps

If some of the signs seem a little too familiar, you’re not alone. It’s important to know that anger issues don’t typically go away on their own. Luckily, help is available to your partner and yourself. All you have to do is ask for it. You can’t expect your relationship to work the way it currently is. Plus, if these anger issues are left untreated, there’s a good chance that they could actually get worse over time. And that’s not beneficial to you or your partner.

Encourage them to seek additional support. A therapist will be able to work with them individually as well as with the two of you in couples counseling. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation.


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