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Do Men And Women Deal With Depression Differently?

Do Men And Women Deal With Depression Differently?
Do Men And Women Deal With Depression Differently?

Do Men And Women Deal With Depression Differently?

Depression can show itself in many different ways. There are a number of different signs and symptoms you can look out for if you suspect someone you know may be struggling. Physical aches and pains. Appetite or weight changes. Trouble sleeping or oversleeping. Some individuals may not even show any signs or symptoms.

One person struggling with depression may cope with drugs and alcohol while another person struggling with depression may turn all of their focus and energy onto their work. Someone struggling with depression may have many signs and symptoms, while others will do a better job of hiding their depression, even from friends, family, and loved ones. Depression isn’t exactly the same for two people. Gender can also play a role in how depression chooses to present itself in someone.

Let’s take a closer look at how men and women deal with depression differently.

How Women Deal with Depression

There are a greater number of women who experience depression compared to men. That being said, women are more likely to actually acknowledge and admit any negative thoughts and feelings to themselves and others.

Depression has a variety of signs and symptoms. Men and women both can experience a range of these. Depending on the gender, there are some signs and symptoms that one gender may experience more compared to the other gender.

When a stressful life event occurs, women are more likely to develop depression as a response to their stress compared to men. The stress that occurs from a death in the family, trouble in a relationship, or losing a job may cause depression if these feelings are left untreated.

Women are more likely to be tuned into their emotions. This is one of the reasons that they’re able to recognize their signs and symptoms and describe how they’re feeling. They’re also more likely to reach out to help from friends, family, loved ones, or even outside third parties like doctors or therapists.

Women are more like to ruminate when they have depression. They will dwell on certain situations and feelings which can cause their signs and symptoms to worsen.

How Men Deal with Depression

While women are more likely to acknowledge any signs or symptoms of depression, men are more likely to deny or hide what they’re experiencing. Due to this, the data has shown that there are a larger number of women who experience depression. But since men aren’t as likely to admit that they may be struggling, this may cause data to be skewed.

Depression in men can be harder to recognize. Due to this, their depression may be left untreated so severe depression is likely to happen before the early signs are detected. Because the symptoms aren’t diagnosed or treated, it can become a larger mental health problem. Men suffering from depression are more likely to be successful when attempting suicide compared to women.

Men are more likely to distract themselves when they’re experiencing feelings that they don’t want to be feeling. They may throw themselves into their career, taking on extra work or projects, going to work early, and staying late, just to avoid how they’re feeling.

Men are also more likely to turn to risky behaviors like drugs and alcohol, gambling, unprotected sex, smoking, or driving recklessly. While women may experience negative self-talk and blame themselves, men are more likely to appear angry or irritable.


There are treatment options available for you no matter your gender or how you identify. If you or a loved one is experiencing signs or symptoms of depression, reaching out for help is crucial. The sooner you get help, the better. Don’t let those feelings worsen over time. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation.


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